Fillets - rounding off corners

Most NURB-based CAD tools have fillet operations for rounding off corners. In the NURBS world this is complicated and sometimes impossible due to geometry features

In low-res voxel-based CAD-tools good fillet operations have traditionally not been so needed as corners in low-res voxel bodies are "ugly" anyway

When we enter the LSVG world, good fillet tool are needed, but we need to invent them ourselves

In genLib we have two types of direct fillet operations

  • outerFillet() - rounding off outer edges
  • innerFillet() - rounding off inner edges


  • Works very well and can handle complex geometries that are difficult or impossible with NURBS
  • Current version runs on the whole vG, not on single edges
  • The fillet radius may vary over vG

We will first have a look at the innerFillet() function

3:9 - IN5590